Dedicated to raising horses and livestock.

Pura Vida Farms, LLC, owned and operated by Ellen Ziemer and Jerry Waddle, veterinarians married for over 37 years, is dedicated to raising horses and selected livestock in an environmentally responsible, humane manner, supporting excellent animal husbandry and education for youth and our local, sustainable agricultural community.  We have been breeding horses for over 25 years and raising livestock for over 8 years.  While most farms chose one or the other, Pura Vida has found benefits in both, including pasture management and the fact that our horses are comfortable around livestock.

Inspired by challenging life events and several visits to beautiful Costa Rica, the name of Pura Vida was chosen for our farm. Literally meaning pure life, Pura Vida also describes an easygoing lifestyle of appreciating each day, since life is short. Wholesome meats and milk are produced on the farm, and animals are nurtured by our family and like-minded associates.  Pura Vida Farms, LLC supports local, sustainable agriculture with educational opportunities and offers a variety of farm animals and quality meat for sale.

After several years of focusing on livestock, we have decided to breed horses again and focus our livestock efforts on raising sheep.