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2024 Horse Pregnancy Confirmations!

1. Glamourdale x Frisky Witch (Franziskus/Don Vino) SOLD

2. Shu Fu (Sezuan/Fuerst Heinrich) x Ampheretta (Ampere/Don Frederico);

3. Vitalis x AY Split (Alabaster/Sir Donnerhall);

4. Sir Donnerhall x Destiny RSH (Don Principe/Pikor);

5. Kaiman (Dark Pleasure/Gribaldi) x Wereina (Diamond Hit/Ferro);

6. Tesla (Vitalis/Johnson) x Deja Vu PVF (Donavan/Don Principe);

7. Don Quichot (Quite Easy/Reina) x Grace RSH (Golfball/Grenadier/A Grand Dude).

We are currently accepting deposits for in utero!

Pony pregnancy confirmations for 2024 will be announced shortly

Our 2023 foals are now all on the ground and doing great! Below is what we have available! Pictures and video will be uploaded soon. 

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