Our Mares

At the center of any quality breeding program are quality mares and we have hand picked only the best mares to pass down their incredible temperaments, trainable attitudes and physical capabilities. Meet our lovely ladies

Pura Vida Our Farm

Pura Vida Farms is based in the beautiful rolling hills of Bahama, North Carolina.

Inspired by challenging life events and several visits to beautiful Costa Rica, the name “Pura Vida” was chosen for our facility. Literally meaning “pure life”, Pura Vida also describes an easygoing lifestyle of appreciating each day, since life is short.

We're still working to update this page, you'll see our youngstock for sale under the other pages but we do have 9 gorgeous pregnant mares due in 2020. See their details below and browse through some of the Hilltop Farms stallions that have been a part of our breeding program. 

Our current mares are:

  • Lucky Be a Lady RSH due 3/22/2020 bred to Lotus T

  • Derby due 6/17/2020 bred to Cherub's Casanova

  • Willow due 6/16/2020 bred to Rubinero

  • Werina 5/10/2020 bred to Pikko del Cerro

  • Destiny due 6/18/2020 bred to Friendscout II

  • Grace due 3/28/2020 bred to Lotus T

  • Aruba due 5/30/2020 bred to Verache

  • Delta Crisis bred to Donavan

  • Delightful due 4/29/20 bred to Alpine

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